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What Everyone Needs to Know about Crisis Management and Why Does It Matter?

The economy? The Gulf Oil Spill? Toyota’s faulty brakes? For us in public broadcasting, Juan William’s firing? The potential de-funding of public broadcasting?  What is a crisis and is there really a way to manage one? PRPD put together a Webinar with two top crisis management experts: 

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Difficult Conversations: Communication in Crisis

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A lot of the work we do as program directors, frankly, involves resolving conflict. And that's not a bad thing. Conflict comes up as a result of competing passions. How do you deal with them? Often, in these difficult conversations, we find ourselves defensive or even offensive (in the sense of taking a stand "for" something).

In this webinar, Helen Barrington, PD at WFCR, Amherst, MA shared knowledge gained while earning a Master's in Conflict Resolution, offering some practical tools for dealing with passionate people. AND she suggests how to lead your staff in dealing with difficult situations.

Many of these tools can also be employed in preparing audiences for program/schedule changes and the "aftermath" of such changes. They are also helpful in dealing with difficult staff interactions.


Envision a Larger Success
Thoughts on public radio's biggest successes and shortcomings and how both might shape our future.

Charting the Territory
A multi-year project to transform public radio stations into public service media companies.

Case Study: Strengthening Your Station/University Relationship
How one station works to both support its licensee and make sure the university knows the value of its public radio station.