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The PRPD Online PD Handbook

Table of Contents                  
          i.     Welcome to the PD Handbook
          ii.     How to Use the PD Handbook

The Job of the PD
          1.     Being a Program Director
          2.     What Every PD Needs to Know (About Their Audience)
          3.     Basic Audience Concepts
          4.     Core and Fringe Audiences
          5.     Core Values
                    Qualities That Core Listeners Value
                    Core Values by Format Management
          6.     Management
                    Motivation and Encouragement
                    Working with Volunteers
          7.     Air Checking

Audience Research
          8.     Audience Research Basics
          9.     Audience Research Tools
          10.   Research: Using the Data
          11.   Other Types of Research

          12.   The Art & Science of Programming
          13.   Station Format
          14.   On-Air Sound
          15.   Programming Multiple Stations/Streams
          16.   Making Programming Changes

On-Air Promotion
          17.   Station Identification
          18.   The Four Types Of On-Air Promotion
          19.   On-Air Promotion for Image and Positioning
          20.   Optimum Effective Scheduling
          21.   Important Reminders
          22.   Ineffective Promotion Techniques
Fundraising and Programming
          23.   The Role of the PD
          24.   Basic Guiding Principles
          24.   Working with Management and Development


          26.   Letters, Emails & Calls
          27.   Pledges and Program, Popularity
          28.   10% of Listeners are Givers?

Other Media Technology
          29.   The Program Director, the Internet, and New Technology

Contact Us
          30.   Contact Us

           A.   Sample PD Job Descriptions
           B.   Stakeholder Mapping
           C.   Audience Research Providers
           D.   PD Checklist 1 - Format
           E.   PD Checklist 2 - On-Air Sound