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List of Attendee Goals

PRPD/LNI Talk Show Meeting
June 9, 10 – Denver, CO
  • A shared vocabulary – what we mean by words like:
  •    o “Talk show”
       o Host “opinion”
       o Host “personality”
  • A stronger sense of community among system peers
  • Training
  • Articulation of best practices
  • Staffing information
  •    o Role of Producer
       o Hiring/Career path
  • How to build audience
  • Knowing what audience expects of us
  • Standards/practices for partnerships
  • How to do research - clearinghouse
  • Learn how to measure impact
  • How to measure success
  • The right topic mix – national/local
  • Aircheck standards for talk shows
  • Promotion
  • Dealing with topics that need repeated/continued coverage over time
  • Awards/recognition for talk shows