The Local News Initiative (LNI) is a national effort to increase public radio's value to listeners by identifying services and projects that will enhance station capacity to provide quality, in-depth news. Working in partnership with stations and other public radio organizations, and with support from NPR and the Millstream Fund, the LNI focuses on building strength in three key areas:

  • Production: Improve the quality, listener service and value of public radio’s locally produced news/talk/information programming.
  • Training: Grow, diversify and develop the talent of those who work on public radio’s locally produced news/talk/information.
  • Resource Coordination: Strengthen station capacity through more effective, efficient and collaborative use of resources.

Local News Station Survey
A look at current public radio station news production capacity.

Exploring a Sense of Place
How listeners define community and perceive local programming; local listening research; implications and tools for stations.

Morning Edition Grad School
The first national effort aimed at assuring peak performance for Morning Edition on local stations.

Local Talk Shows
With a trend toward greater focus on local talk programming, we convened 12 stations to identify the key elements of successful daily talk and/or call-in programming.