The Process: What's Involved

The MEGS sm process involves three critical steps. Each is an important part of this innovative training and talent development effort.

Step One: Gathering the Data

Stations selected to participate in MEGS sm get a meticulous review of all local elements of their local Morning Edition® presentation. Using a typical 7am hour, this analysis includes:

  • The balance and content of local and national material
  • Host presentation
  • The quality of local news material judged against NPR News standards
  • A review of local underwriting presentation and placement
  • Basic radio formatics including station mentions, forward promotion, transitions

A report detailing the results of this review is provided to all participating MEGS sm stations in advance of their workshop.


Step Two: The Workshops

Each station sends at least two staff members to their MEGS sm workshop. The workshops begin with a research-based presentation on the importance of Morning Edition®. The rest of the morning is devoted to discussion of station formatics, underwriting, and hosting. In the afternoon, each station develops an action plan with specific tasks to accomplish in a three-month follow up period.


Step Three: Follow Up and Implementation

(optional - additional fees may apply)

The follow up step is a unique aspect of the project as MEGS sm consultants continue working with each station for a three month period. This work includes air checks to evaluate improvements in their sound.