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The Process: What's Involved

The JMEGS sm process involves three critical steps. Each is an important part of this innovative training and talent development effort.

Step One: Gathering the Data

Stations selected to participate in JMEGS sm get a meticulous review of all local journalism elements of their Morning Edition®, ATC® or other nesmagazine presentation. Using typical 6 am and 7am hours, this analysis examines the quality of local news material judged against NPR News standards. This includes:

  • Story selection
  • Story treatment (spot, feature, Q&A, commentary)
  • Writing
  • Interviewing

A report detailing the results of this review is provided to all participating JMEGS sm stations in advance of their workshop.

Step Two: The Workshops

The workshops begin with a research-based presentation on the importance of Morning Edition, ATC, etc. The rest of the morning is devoted to making strategic news decisions and applying those decisions to story choice and development. In the afternoon, stations continue with hands-on exercises and discussion of the craft of writing, structuring newscasts and promoting news product. Each station develops an action plan with specific tasks to accomplish in a follow-up period.

Step Three: Follow Up and Implementation

The follow-up step is a unique aspect of the project as JMEGS sm consultants continue working with each station. This work includes air checks to evaluate improvements in their journalism.

APPLY no later than June 14, 2013 to attend the June 23 session in Cleveland

Ideal complement is News Director or Editor with at least one journalist, however you can register one to four individuals of your choosing.

The following fees cover up to four people from a station:
PRPD Member stations = $500 
Non-Member stations = $1,000 

Stations are responsible for their airfare, hotel, any meals other than the lunch provided in the Workshop, and any other incidentals. 

Other staff members that would benefit from attending J-MEGSsm include: ME® and ATC® producers, newscasters, PDs reporters, and General Managers.

JMEGS is funded in part by grants from NPR and the Millstream Fund