Localism and Morning Edition Research

How listeners evaluate local newscasts, breaks and segments within NPR's Morning Edition

Morning Edition is public radio's most important program, yet what listeners actually hear varies widely as stations insert their local newscasts and news features.

In consultation with the Morning Edition Grad School, Walrus Research designed a series of program testing sessions to determine how listeners evaluate the local coverage that stations insert into Morning Edition. Over 300 listeners used electronic response units to enter their moment-to-moment reaction to a variety of airchecks carefully selected from NPR stations around the country.

The overall goal of this research was to build audience for NPR's Morning Edition and to enhance the value of NPR's Morning Edition to listeners, thereby increasing revenue from listeners and underwriters.

Complete research report including analysis of data and written verbatims:   Localism and Morning Edition 

PRPD Conference presentation (2007):   Localism and Morning Edition - PRPD Conference

EARS videographs that show how listeners reacted to airchecks:

The research was funded by NPR through the Local News Initiative.