A Sense of Place The Value and Values of Localism in Public Radio (2006)

PRPD, nine stations and NPR’s Local News Initiative joined forces to conduct new research on “Sense of Place: The Value and Values of Localism.” This was the 6th major study in PRPD's ongoing Core Values Project. The purpose of this study was to:

  • Gain a better understanding of the value and values public radio listeners hold about sense of place
  • Articulate a vocabulary that clearly and concisely articulates those values and qualities
  • Explore how a deepened understanding of the value of place can help us improve both public service and public support

Participating stations were selected from among those that have made a serious commitment to local news and information programming, and have made an attempt to sharply focus that local programming around a sense of place. Project stations include:

KNAU, Flagstaff
KNPR, Las Vegas
North Country Public Radio
WUWM, Milwaukee
Minnesota Public Radio
Wisconsin Public Radio
KUOW, Seattle
WBUR, Boston
WUNC, Chapel Hill

PRPD received a major grant to support this new research from National Public Radio’s Local News Initiative. LNI is funded by a grant from the Knight Foundation. The PRPD Localism Research Project received unanimous endorsement from the LNI Steering Committee at its August, 2005 meeting in Phoenix.