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Key Findings: Public Radio Technology Survey 2008

1. Public Radio listeners are very committed to….Public Radio.

2. Public Radio fans are certainly habitual radio listeners, but listening to streaming radio on a computer is changing listening habits.

3. The growing importance of listening to streaming radio is a key finding, because it shapes the way that Public Radio listeners consume entertainment and information.

4. Yet, television takes more of a backseat as a daily medium for entertainment and information.

5. Internet use is somewhat generational, but hi-speed access is nearly ubiquitous.

6. Public Radio listeners are tuned into the news, as three-fourths (75%) say they read a daily newspaper – print or online.

7. Satellite radio plays a role in the overall media usage spectrum, but is far from a mass appeal outlet. Only one in ten (12%) currently subscribes to Sirius XM.

8. HD Radio is still in the embryonic stage.

9. Cell phones are becoming ubiquitous and are gateways to texting and other multi-media activities.

10. The iPod is a game changer, and is owned by more than half of Public Radio listeners.

11. Podcasts are also impacting the Public Radio entertainment/information spectrum.

12. Streaming video has rapidly become a major source of entertainment and information.

13. Social networking sites haven’t become everyday activities for most Public Radio listeners, but they are making an impact, particularly among 25-34 year-olds.

14. The Presidential election became a petri dish for gaining a better understanding of how Public Radio listeners gleaned information during this news cycle – and NPR news and programs emerged as the most dominant sources.

15. Public Radio listeners are music buyers.

16. Public Radio listeners do not profile as “early adopters.”

17. The economy is wreaking havoc among Public Radio listeners, creating widespread worry and concern.