Date:   February 29, 2012

In a new iMA study about mobile, public radio and TV managers named the PRTS surveys their top source for mobile research.

We are pleased to announce that, once again. Jacobs Media, in partnership with PRPD, will field our fourth annual Public Radio Tech Survey (PRTS4) in late March and early April.  We’d like to invite your station to be a participant in this research.

For PRTS3, an impressive 44 public radio stations participated, generating over 21,000 responses – a great showing and a key reason why that survey generated strong, trendable responses. Aggregating a large group stations keeps the cost very low for each ($500 for PRPD members, $750 for non-members).

In the 16 months since PRTS3, we’ve seen rapid evolution in this fast-changing space. It is imperative to know how the audience is evolving so stations can invest and deploy resources wisely in order to make the best possible decisions. As many of you know, the PRTS surveys provide public radio stations with invaluable insight into how their audiences interact with and use new technology and media.  Because this is the fourth year, we will be able to trend habits and usage patterns, while updating the questionnaire to include new technology, gadgets, and behaviors. 


The Details:

PRTS4 will be fielded in the period between the last week of March and first week of April – and as usual, stakeholder stations can choose to launch the survey any time during that period.  As we have done in the past, we will work closely with your web/database person(s) to ensure this is a simple, turn-key procedure for you and your audience. As

As a stakeholder station, you will receive an array of information not available to non-participants: complete totals for the survey, your format, and your local audience, along with key demographic breakouts.  Additionally, we will include that all-important “Media Usage Pyramid” that displays the hierarchy for your local audience, allowing you to compare it to the national totals.  We also generate a written Executive Summary, and we will conduct a free webinar presentation for stakeholder stations. 


A Snapshot and Trending

With three of these surveys now under our belt, we are learning (based on your feedback) about the type of data that works best for stakeholder stations. We received great feedback from last year’s package, and hope to improve upon it for PRTS4.  While it is challenging, given how digital gadgets and usage continue to expand, we will also strive to produce a somewhat shorter questionnaire.

For PRTS4, we plan to add new questions about social networks (usage, frequency, plus new sites like Google+ and Pinterest), tablet and smartphone ownership and app usage, Internet streaming (Pandora), in-car media usage and desires, tablets, and other questions that reflect this fast-paced landscape.

An example of the kind of analysis you’ll see is last year’s PRTS3 infographic which you can access here:


When we introduced PRTS to public radio in 2008, we knew it would have a significant impact. But as we enter the fourth year, it’s important to emphasize that the success of this project depends on the inclusion of a wide range of stakeholder stations.  Public radio has become reliant on these studies, and the only way to ensure that they continue is to encourage participation, as well as to ask you to share this email with your colleagues.                                                                                                                         
We need your station's commitment as soon as possible. 

While the economy has improved over the past year, we remain sensitive to the financial pressures that public radio stations face, so we’re holding the cost of the survey at $500 for PRPD members (a reduction as last year’s first timers paid $600).  This year, non PRPD member stations can also participate for $750.

ACT NOW:  Contact Lisa Riker at Jacobs Media ( to secure your participation.  Jacobs Media handles all survey development and hosting details, along with communication with local station marketing, programming, and or web personnel.  Please contact us no later than Friday, March 23.

If you have any questions, call Jacobs Media at 248-353-9030.


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