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Public Radio Technology Survey (PRTS)

The  Public Radio Tech Survey is designed to document the level of new media usage and technology adoption among Public Radio listeners nationwide, and by market and format. By gathering information among a large group of Public Radio stations, representing diverse geographies, market size, and formats, this survey’s goal is to provide much-needed information to help Public Radio stations better understand their changing audiences. 

With a sample of 30,000 respondents, this may be the largest survey of Public Radio listeners ever conducted, enabling stakeholders throughout the system to look at their audiences from multiple dimensions, demographics, and formats.

Technology continues to move at a rapid pace. From iPods to video streaming to social networks, consumers are adopting new media, gadgets, and technologies. All the while, Public Radio stations are being challenged to spend their dollars wisely, investing in technology that is congruent with audience usage, while considering future trends. This survey helps provide a road map for the entire Public Radio system, as well as for each of the participating stations. Future annual surveys will be able to trend the data for existing technologies, while providing the flexibility to include new gadgets and media.