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Public radio is a leader in implementation of digital media practices.  This Digital Media section in KnowledgeBase furthers public radio’s understanding of digital media by providing valuable reconnaissance on the latest research, best practices and samples of digital media activities.

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The Digital Media section addresses the multi-platform needs and responsibilities of public radio programmers, including…

  • Latest research from all of the most recent and relevant research findings in public radio
  • Best practices for digital and social media
  • Samples of new digital content forms from around the media world and the public radio system
  • Public radio success stories in digital and social media
  • Blogs and white papers about digital and social media content use by public radio
  • Educational/library level materials

We would love to hear from you! 

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We hope you find the Digital Media section to include “news you can use” and practical to your everyday situation.  We know every station and market has its own unique challenges, which is why the content is relevant to all scenarios.  The section depends on your submission of best practices, samples, success stories, blogs and white papers.  Please contribute new content as much as possible. 



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PRPD does not endorse any commercial activity that is included in the Digital Media section.  Any references or resources related to commercial activities are intended to increase your understanding of digital and social media activities in the greater competitive media landscape.

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