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2006 PRPD Conference Agenda
Philadelphia PA

Pre-Conference Workshops and Meetings

Sunday, September 10 – Tuesday, September 12 - Thirteenth Annual PD Workshop
Monday, September 11 – Tuesday, September 12 - Second Annual Beyond the Basics for Programmers
Tuesday, September 12 - Wednesday, September 13 - Tools of the Trade: Understanding and Using Arbitron Data

9:00am -1:30pm  - Jazz Station Consortium Meeting
Hear about the new tools developed by the Jazz Core Values project group to enhance on-air fundraising and station imaging/positioning. For information contact Scott Hanley, WDUQ.

11:00am – 1:00pm - Classical Station Meeting
Get an update on the first full year of the PRPD/AMPPR Classical Core  Values Project being piloted at six partner stations. For information contact  Frank Dominguez, WDAV

11:00am – 1:30pm - News/Talk Station Meeting
In the wake of A2010 and New Realities, we’ll talk about what stations can do to improve public service. Jay Kernis, NPR Program Director, will lead a discussion on what NPR News is doing differently now and how the changes will enhance our public service. Then PDs will discuss how the plan might apply to local stations and what stations that are still growing are doing that might be applied at stations that are not.  For information contact Jeff Hansen, KUOW.

2:00 - 4:00pm - Arrival Lounge - “A Taste of Phillly!””
Start re-connecting with colleagues as you sample an array of Philly treats: Philly Soft Pretzels provided by American Public Media; Chilly Philly Ice Cream from National Public Radio; mini Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches from Public Radio International and soft drinks from PRPD. We’ll also be handing out prizes to those who have survived the trials and tribulations of being a PD and get a sense of the issues and ideas you’ve been thinking about since our last conference.

4:30 – 5:30pm - Newcomers Session
Our annual session for conference first-timers - a memorable and entertaining start for those new to our conference. As we get to know each other you'll learn a little bit about PRPD and the conference agenda. Along the way we’ll have sodas, snacks and some off-the-wall contests featuring cheesy – and we do mean cheesy – prizes.

7:00 – 9:00pm - PRPD 2006 Opening Reception presented by WXPN, WHYY, and NPR
featuring an evening with R&B singer-songwriter James Hunter.  Join David Dye of World Cafe and Terry Gross of Fresh Air as they co-host this intimate performance session at World Cafe Live from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.  Dinner, beer and wine will be served.  Bus transportation from the hotel begins at 6:30pm. 


7:30 – 8:30am - Breakfast with BBC World Service
Join the BBC World Service for breakfast. Hear from the Head of BBC Newsgathering and meet “Newshour” host Robin Lustig.

9:00-10:30am -Opening Session: The State of Public Radio
The Audience 2010 study was undertaken to examine a stall in public radio’s audience growth. During the first part of this RRC President Joanne Church, will summarize how it was done and the key findings. The second part of the session will contextualize the environment in which PD's are currently working and talk about his these factors impact our stations. Additionally, we will examine potential opportunities for improvement and audience growth.
* Moderator: Tom Ashbrook, On Point Host, WBUR, Boston
* Joanne Church, President, Radio Research Consortium
* Mark Ramsey, President, Mercury Radio Research
* Paul Jacobs, General Manager, Jacobs Media
* Tom Thomas, Co-CEO, Station Resource Group

10:30 – 10:50 am - Coffee Break with NPR’s Justice Talking
Come hear the Philly natives from Justice Talking debate their favorite local places to eat, drink and be merry.  Margot Adler and other JT staff will be on hand to chat about the City of Brotherly Love.  Drinks and snacks too.

11:00am -12:15pm - Breakout Sessions (4)

Making Your Own Driveway Moments: Finding and Telling Great Stories
We hear from listeners all the time -- "I sat in the parking lot riveted to that story -- I couldn't get out of the car." How do you create stories you can see, smell, taste -- stories that stay with you, that you talk about over the dinner table. As we look to deepen our relationships with our listeners and our communities, we’ll hear how some of our best producers find and tell the stories they’ve found in their home towns and ours.
* Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva, The Kitchen Sisters

Applying Classical Core Values
The Classical Core Values Application project is working to improve the on air presentation of local classical programming through better preparation, focus, and consistency. Hear about the strategies and results from CV participants who've committed to find new approaches to revitalize the format, including the creation of an "attack yourself" music service: WMHT's bold experiment to make classical music appealing to a younger audience. Is it working?
* Frank Dominguez, Program Director, WDAV, Davidson, NC
* Craig Cohen, Program Director, WITF, Harrisber, PA
* Chris Wienk, Program Director, WMHT/WBKK, Schenectady, NY

Change Management Stories and Lessons Learned
A peer-to-peer discussion in which panelists share their "change management" cases and provide proven models and frameworks for change.  They will discuss lessons learned, biggest challenges and how they overcame them; what kind of "mindset" or strategies they themselves used to lead their staff through the changes. You’ll have a chance to ask folks - "well, what did you do?" and share your own experiences. 
* Moderator: John Hess, General Manager, BSU Radio, Boise
* Mikel Ellcessor, Sr. Dir, Programming Operations and Distribution, WNYC
* Elisabeth Perez-Luna, News Director, WHYY, Philadelphia
* Bruce Warren, Asst. General Mgr. for Programming, WXPN, Philadelphia

The Future Sound of Pledge (Pledge in the Post-Modern World)
Stations depend on them for donors and dollars. Listeners, at least some of them, say they listen less or tune out altogether.  In the third part of our series on pledge drives, we will brainstorm ideas that could change pledge drives as we know them or replace them in favor of other efforts that could grow membership with equal or greater effectiveness.  Bring your ideas and an open mind.  This session will take the conversation begun at DEI’s conference and broaden it to include the perspective of programmers.
* Moderator: Jay Clayton, President, Jay Clayton Associates and Individual Giving Coordinator, DEI

12:30 – 1:45 pm - Lunch with NPR’s ME * D2D * ATC
NPR’s new(s)ish newsmagazine hosts talk about what it’s like being your
listeners’ connection to the world’s news.  Share in the joys, challenges, and
maybe even some comedic moments (!?) of hosting daily news coverage for
the nation.  Meet very new (to NPR) host Michel Martin who’ll put the
questions to Steve Inskeep, Madeleine Brand, and Michele Norris.

2:00 - 3:30pm - General Session: PRPD “Sense of Place” Research Findings
Public radio listeners are the same all over. Yet the listeners to a given station may have a particular sense of place when they think about their local community. Understanding their sense of place may be a prerequisite to the design of truly valuable local programming."

Many stations see expanded local programming as a major listener service growth opportunity for the future. To help develop a better understanding of how our listeners define and value “sense of place”, a major new research project has been done by PRPD, nine partner stations and NPR’s Local News Initiative. The goal of the project was to more clearly define what our 2001 study termed the “phantom core value.”  Come hear what we learned and the implications for station programmers everywhere as we all work to reinvigorate our public service.
* Marcia Alvar, PRPD/LNI Station-Based Projects Manager
* George Bailey, President, Walrus Research
* Dave Edwards, General Manager, WUWM, Milwaukee
* John Stark, General Manager, KNAU, Flagstaff

3:30 – 3:50pm - Take a Break with NPR
Eat. Drink. Mingle. Music button. Credit. Local avail. Hit the post.

4:00 - 5:15pm - Breakout Sessions (4)

Local News Initiative: Morning Edition Grad School
NPR’s Local News Initiative (LNI) is a major new collaborative effort to strengthen station news programming. PRPD and its outgoing President Marcia Alvar are taking a leadership role in the design, organization and oversight of station-based projects in this ambitious new effort. In this session we share results from one of the first LNI projects to be rolled out.  Designed by Strategic Programming Partners with participation from both PRNDI and DEI, the “Morning Edition Grad School” is focusing on local presentation and "best practices" in the most important program on many public radio stations.
* Marcia Alvar, PRPD/LNI Station-Based Projects Manager
* Tim Emmons, General Manager, Northern Public Radio, Dekalb, IL /Strategic Programming Partners
* Peter Dominowski, Market Trends Research/Strategic Programming Partners
* Scott Williams, Program Director, KBAQ/KJZZ, Phoenix/Strategic Programming Partners
* Dana Davis-Rehm, VP, Member and Program Services, NPR

Living Your Demo
Commercial radio has long dedicated significant resources to branding, marketing and getting out on the street for promotions and community events.  On air talent "live the demo" to forge a strong connection with listeners.  What are public radio program directors doing to make that connection?  Take away plenty of inspiration to apply to any format.
* Moderator: Roger LaMay, General Manager, WXPN, Phildelphia
* Steve Nelson, Program Director, The Current/KCMP, St. Paul, MN
* Mike Vasilikos, Program Director, WTMD, Towson, MD
* Joan Kjaer, General Manager and Program Director, WSUI/KSUI, Iowa City

Ensuring Diversity in your Local Programming
To some, public service is reflecting the “diversity of voices” in their community.  In this session, stations will share their tactics and tips for providing well-balanced diversity in local programming.  We’ll have practical examples of how stations are working to attract a more racially diverse audience, diversify their own staffs and issues in trying to attract listeners with individual programs.
* Brenda Williams-Butts, Director of Community Affairs & Events, WNYC, New York
* Johanna (Jones) Franzel, Project Director, Generation PRX
* Ron Jones, Vice President for Programming, Chicago Public Radio
* Walt Swanston, Director Diversity Management, National Public Radio

Challenges, Matches, Sweepstakes
Without them, you probably wouldn't meet your on-air fundraising goals.  But the rewards of using these fundraising tactics also come with responsibilities and risks.  Join this exploration of some of the potentially damaging mistakes public radio stations make with Challenges, Matches, and Sweepstakes.  We'll also look at how to successfully raise money with these tactics while complying with the law and codes of ethics.
* John Sutton, John Sutton & Associates
* Mikel Ellcessor, Sr. Dir, Programming Operations and Distribution, WNYC
* Andy Bienstock, Program Director, WYPR-FM

5:30 – 6:30pm - PRSS Toasts Public Radio Stations and Producers
Please join NPR Distribution for a glass of wine to thank you for your ongoing support of the shared, national distribution network. This year, PRSS will transmit nearly 400,000 hours of public radio programming to stations and producers across the country. Your contributions and insights have been crucial to the management and evolution of PRSS, including the long-awaited ContentDepot.

6:30 – 7:30pm - PRI Free Time
Enjoy some free time on PRI! We’re giving you an hour free at the conference -- so you can check in at your station, call your loved ones, or have a bite to eat with an old friend. PRI staff and program hosts will be around … in case you want to spend your free time with us.

7:45 – 10:30pm - A Philadelphia Reception with NPR
Join NPR hosts and producers for an evening in beautiful Pepper Hall - just a short stroll away at the historic Franklin Institute.  Lounge, chat, relax and enjoy the great food and impressive surroundings. There’ll be cameo appearances from some up-and-coming young musicians, and after dinner, special guest jazz artists from New Orleans will usher in some big easy listening.


7:30 – 8:30am - Breakfast with PRI 
PRI breaks new ground at night! Be among the first to hear about our new evening program and how it will help expand your stations' reach and impact on air, online and on demand.

9:00 -10:30a - General Session: PRPD ACE Awards with Ira Glass
We announce the winners of PRPD's 4th annual Award for Creative Excellence (ACE) competition and honor the outstanding application of core values in a variety of programming areas - News, Classical Music, Jazz, Triple-A, On-Air Fundraising and Promotion/Positioning.  Ira Glass, host of This American Life, will be our featured speaker… with welcome words of wisdom about the creative process.
* Moderator: Kingsley Smith, Program Director, NPR Sirius Channels

10:30 – 10:50am - Refreshment Break with The Story
Get The Story on public radio’s newest program collaboration from WUNC and American Public Media.  Meet host Dick Gordon and discover how this daily personal interview program brings great stories to public radio middays in a way that will help listeners understand what is going on in their world and why it matters to them.

11:00am – 12:15 pm - Breakout Sessions (4)

All You Do is Ask – The Art of the Interview
What does it take to do great interviews?  We’ll hear a variety of perspectives from some of public radio’s best known, most provocative and interesting people about the way they plan and conduct compelling conversations. 
* Moderator Farai Chideya, Correspondent/Substitute Host, News & Notes with Ed Gordon
* Terry Gross, Host, Fresh Air
* Ira Glass, Host, This American Life
* David Isay, Producer/Executive Producer, Sound Portraits Productions

“Flying with a Net”
Creativity gurus promote a process for creative thinking, Google expects mandatory “think time” from employees, universities provide sabbaticals for people to learn and re-charge.  How do creative people create?  How do we make creative workplaces, and how would public radio programming benefit?  We'll talk with several inventive people from beyond the universe of radio who use systematic approaches to foster creativity in their work.
* Moderator:  Judy Carmichael, host, "Jazz Inspired”
* Sue Schardt, SchardtMEDIA
* Matt Holzman, Producer of “The Business”, KCRW, Los Angeles
* John Silliman Dodge, Program Director, KBPS, Portland, OR

Planning Programming for the Future in a Multi-Platform Media Environment
This session will discuss knowledge and skills that programming decision makers in media need to identify, develop and focus on if they want their stations to provide better public service. This session will address the "new" skills and thinking and knowledge that PD's need to make decisions about content and where to put resources if they are to be competitive in their local markets. Content producers, providers and distributors will share their "knowledge base" along with lessons they've learned to move their organizations ahead strategically.
* Moderator:  Bruce Warren, Asst. General Mgr. for Programming, WXPN, Philadelphia
* Joey Cohn, Program Director, KPLU, Seattle
* Paul Marzalek, Managing Partner, Media Mechanics
* Jack Isquith, Executive Director, AOL Music

Effective Use of Airtime for Development Activities
Some stations do a better job managing inventory than others.  Around the system, programming and development are thinking together about new ways to generate revenue outside of pledge. Thinking differently about the "promo" time available to development can pay back with shorter drives and more money to spend on programming.  With new approaches come new questions about clutter, and commercialism.  We’ll talk about who’s trying what, and the risks and rewards of pushing the envelope.
* Flo Rogers, Program Director, Nevada Public Radio
* Melanie Cannon, Director of Development, Nevada Public Radio
* Ele Ellis, Program Director, WNCW, Spindale, NC

12:30 – 1:45pm - Lunch with Marketplace
Marketplace proudly presents Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor and Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley, and David Frum, former speechwriter for George W. Bush and resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.  These two experts will discuss which issues voters won’t hear about during mid-term election campaigns that they believe ought to be debated. Join Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal as he moderates the discussion at this special luncheon.

2:00 - 3:30pm - General Session: Radio’s Role in a Multi-Platform World
Being good hunter-gatherers and curators of information, radio still has the bully pulpit in terms of size and ease of use.  What are our strengths and opportunities that can help keep the core business thriving and allow us to participate in the future?  This session will focus on Radio and what role it will play in the emerging mix of media choices. Hear what the latest research shows about how listeners’ habits are changing. Learn more about how Arbitron’s PPM system may change how we understand our audiences. 
* Moderator: Marty Moss-Coane, Host & Executive Producer, Radio Times, WHYY
* Larry Rosin, President, Edison Media Research
* Tom Taylor, Editor, Inside Radio
* Jackie Nixon, Director of Research, National Public Radio
* Thom Moon, Researcher and Radio Historian

3:30 – 3:50pm - Refreshment Break with APM Classical Programs
American Public Media’s classical music offerings provide exquisite programming for your station.  From Pipedreams to BBC Proms, enjoy a classical break from your sessions with your friends at American Public Media.

4:00 - 5:15pm - Breakout Sessions (4)

Branding and Stationality
We tend to think that our call letters are our brand. They’re not! Creating a brand is about making emotional connections to “products.”  People buy based on feelings and emotions.  This session will look at branding case studies – winners and losers – from outside public radio, and provide a “worksheet” for branding and positioning your station. Highly interactive & fun!
* Paul Marzalek, Managing Partner, Media Mechanics

Next Steps for News & Information Stations
For more than a decade Public Radio stations have been producing locally-originated midday long-form news and talk programming. The resources these programs require are significant. How have our programs evolved? Are we ready to face the challenge of commercial broadcasters investing in their own brand of “public radio”. What are the other measures of value in sinking so many station resources into these projects?
* Moderator: Bill Buzenberg, Vice President of News, Minnesota Public Radio
* John Decker, Program Director, KPBS, San DIego
* Abby Goldstein, Program Director, New Hampshire PR
* Jeff Hansen, Program Director, KUOW, Seattle
* Jackie Nixon, Director of Research, NPR
* Flo Rogers, Program Director, Nevada Public Radio

Interactive Social Media and the Role of the PD
Blogs, citizen journalism, podcasts, bulletin boards: these new communication techniques are getting a lot of buzz these days. “Social media” has the potential to expand your reach and diversify your audience, but which ideas belong at your station? In this session we’ll give you the core knowledge about “social media.” Then we’ll address questions like “How do I motivate staff to contribute?” and “What editorial and content standards apply in this new world?” Plus, we’ll hear from some stations that have been working in this area.
* Moderator: Jake Shapiro, Executive Director, PRX
* Andrew Haeg, Senior Producer and Analyst, Public Insight Journalism,  Minnesota Public Radio
* Jeffrey Katz, Senior Supervising Editor, NPR Digital Media
* Hawk Mendenhall, Program Director, KUT, Austin
* Jackie Sauter, Program Director, North Country Public Radio, Canton, NY

Advanced Writing and Production for Pledge
Planning a drive is one thing - making it great radio is another.  In this session we'll hear a whole lot of tape from stations who produce original material for their pledge drives.  Stations will talk about how they maintain their stationality and abide by core values by creating breaks and spots that deliver.  Pledge drive production doesn't have to be the never ending treadmill - we'll show you how to keep it manageable and real.
* Gabe DiMaio, Assistant Program Director, WBFO, Buffalo
* Tom Kuser, Program Director,  WSHU,
* John Laur, Production Director, WTMD, Towson, MD
* Shaunna Morrison Machosky, Development Director, WDUQ,  Pittsburgh

5:30 – 6:30pm - Exhibitor Reception – Sponsored by Broadcast Electronics
Join Broadcast Electronics for a few drinks, some munchies and the answer to the question, "What the heck is BE doing at the PRPD, anyway?" It will be a chance for you to learn more about leveraging HD Radio Multicasting and Messagecasting to maximize your existing resources. We'll introduce you to tools for stations, networks and program producers to create and manage audio and message content.

6:30 – 7:30pm - Sneak Preview with Ira Glass
Join Ira Glass for a sneak preview of the pilot program from This American Life’s upcoming venture into television.  Ira also talks about the opportunities this program brings to public radio stations.

7:30 – 8:30pm - Weekend America In-House Philly Pub Crawl
If you think you’ve heard Weekend America, listen again.  Join Weekend America co-host and Philadelphia native Barbara Bogaev and new executive producer Peter Clowney as they help you kick off your weekend.  Enjoy a variety of delicious local brews and snacks all under one roof.

8:30 – 10:30pm - Sound Opinions CD Release Party
American Public Media and Chicago Public Radio have teamed up to rock your audience—and we want to celebrate with you. Join us and get a preview of what you and your listeners can look forward to in the year ahead. (Hint: Wear your Doc Martens and a favorite concert t-shirt).


7:30 – 8:30am - Breakfast with WHYY

9:00 -10:30am - General Session: “New Realities” for Programmers (Liberty Ballroom A&B)
Last fall, the NPR Board of Directors launched a comprehensive process to engage the public radio system in seeing and shaping the future. The process tapped the experience of over 800 public radio thinkers of every stripe in a series of retreats that culminated in a nationwide forum. The NPR board and management recently released "A Blueprint for Growth," ( a 12-page document summarizing NPR’s major initiatives and other system expeditions suggested by these conversations.  This session will help ensure that the perspectives of Programmers continue to influence the action phase of "New Realities". Read the Blueprint in advance to learn what’s happened so far, and be ready to add your feedback into the mix and participate in a short exercise.
* Jay Kernis, Vice President of Programming, National Public Radio
* Todd Mundt, Chief Content Officer, Iowa Public Radio
* Liliane Landor, BBC, Editor World Service News and Current Affairs 
* Bill Siemering, President, Developing Radio Partners
* Dan DeVany, WETA-FM
* Moderator: Arthur Cohen, President, PRPD

10:30 – 10:50am - Refreshment break with NPR's From the Top
The refreshing program that presents the best young classical musicians around the nation, From the Top is tapping into talent that has deep roots in your communities.  Drink in the music program that is fostering listening, learning, and interaction in public radio

11:00am - 12:30pm - PRPD Annual Membership Meeting/Benediction with Robert Krulwich
After eleven years as a network correspondent for ABC Television, Krulwich has returned to the network where he enjoyed his first success as a reporter. One of NPR’s first on-air stars with a unique ability to make the complexities of business and economics understandable, Krulwich rejoined NPR in December, 2005 to work with NPR’s Science Unit, and co-host WNYC’s Radio Lab series.

12:30pm - Conference adjourns – see you next year in Minneapolis for PRPD 2007!
Join us September 26 – 29 at the Marriott City Center Hotel