2011 Public Radio Programming Conference

General Session Audio 

Opening Session: Change and Why It’s So Hard with Jad Abumrad from Radiolab

"Benediction":  Jay Allison, Executive Director/Producer, Atlantic Public Media

The 2011 Public Radio Programming Survey
  • Fred Jacobs - President, Jacobs Media
  • Arthur Cohen - President, PRPD

Opened, Sourced, Networked: Connecting Public Media to Communities of Innovation
  • Joaquin Alvarado - Senior VP of Digital Innovation, APM (M)
  • Mark Surman - Executive Director, Mozilla Foundation
  • Nicholas Reville - Executive Director/Co-Founder, Participatory Culture Foundation







































Social Media and Content: A Strategic Approach

  • Claire Wardle - Social Media Trainer, BBC College of Journalism

The Sweet Spot: Synergy of On-Air and Online

  • Deb Esayian - Co-President, Emmis Interactive
  • Skip Pizzi - Director of Digital Initiatives, NAB

Bias, Objectivity and Neutrality in an Opinion Based World

  • Brooke Gladstone - Co-host and Managing Editor, On The Media, WNYC (M)
  • Bill Keller - Executive Editor, The New York Times
  • Tim Roesler - Senior VP & General Manager, Minnesota Public Radio

(*Upcut at the beginning. Sorry.)

PRPD Annual Meeting, Don Otto Award and Third Coast's Best News Feature Award Presentation.

(M) = Moderator.