Audio of 2010 Public Radio Programming Conference Sessions

                             General Sessions: (Free for all) 

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  • Opening: Redefining Public Radio, Many Visions -  Jake Shapiro, PRX; Pete Clifton, BBC; Laura Walker, WNYC;  Steve Safran, Lost Remote; Vivian Schiller, NPR; Mark Luckie, Washington Post; Joaquin Alvarado, APM.

     Slide Shows (pdf):  L. Walker S. SafranM. LuckieJ. Alvarado

  • Keynote: Tom Rosenstiel - The State of the News Media *  PowerPoint


  • Panel: The Next Step Up: Inclusiveness -  Farai Chideya (Moderator); Keith Woods, NPR; Kashmir Birk, Bioss; Susanne Marjetti, CBC



  • 60 Technology Ideas in 60 Minutes - Fred & Paul Jacobs 




  • Keynote: Rob Curley - Hyperlocalism 


  • NPR Audience Opportunity Study - Lori Kaplan, NPR; Kerry Edelstien, SmithGeiger - PowerPoint


  • Benediction: Ira Glass


  • PRPD Annual Membership Meeting  - including Otto Award to Thurston Brisco











(M) = Moderator