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  • Radionomy: European Streaming Service Enters US Market

    Radionomy, a French-Belgian service that enables users to set up their own online radio station and share it with others, enters the U.S. The service, which has 6,000 user programmed stations, is similar to Live365 in its business model, taking care of the actual broadcasting and promotion of the stations, rights management, scheduling and audience monitoring and reporting.

    They also have an advertising option that sells advertising across their network of stations, helping users of the service to monetize their content. Read More


    By: Audio4cast



  • Mobile Listening Keeps On Growing

    The mobile market is expanding fast – new comScore data reported that 234 million use mobile phones in the US (13+), and 110 million of those use smartphones. Samsung sells the most devices and Android has the lions share of smartphone operating systems. Apple meanwhile, continues to grow  market share as well.

    Listening to music on a mobile device continues to increase in popularity among mobile subscribers. 27% of them said they listened during the 3 month survey period and that’s up 2.2% from 3 months earlier. Read More


    By: Jennifer Lane, Audio4cast



  • Yahoo and Spotify Announced a Global Content Distribution and Promotion Agreement

    Yahoo and Spotify announced a global content distribution and promotion agreement, a deal which eliminates Rhapsody as Yahoo’s on-demand music partner.

    Visitors to the Yahoo Music site can use Spotify while remaining on Yahoo as of today. Soon Spotify will roll out across the rest of Yahoo’s Media Network, sites and services that collectively reach nearly 700 million unique users monthly. Read More


    By: Chris Marlowe, Digital Media Wire



  • SiriusXM will Introduce a Suite of Very Interactive Features to its Internet Radio

    The new offering looks to be designed specifically to compete with offerings by Pandora. The features sketched out by SiriusXM are extensive in terms of their interactivity – listeners can go back up to 5 hours to select programming, pause their listening and pick up where they left off, replay or skip a song, and organize their listening on a single screen. Read More


    By: Jennifer Lane. Audio4cast



  • Spotify reportedly building a web radio service to take on Pandora

    Bloomberg reports Spotify is building an ad-supported Internet radio service "that would directly challenge Pandora."  Spotify’s current service functions like a music collection, allowing users to create playlists from specific albums and tracks. The new format would be similar to Pandora’s, which operates like radio and is cheaper to operate because royalty rates are lower and set by Congress. Read More


    By: Andy Fixmer, Bloomberg



  • Spotify Adds 12 New Apps from Record Labels, Distributors, Educators

    Music fans who use Spotify will have access to 12 new apps within the popular free-or-subscription music service. Here’s the complete list of the new Spotify apps, along with the company’s descriptions: Read More







  • Facebook Announces Integration of 60 Apps to Timeline

    Facebook’s announced the integration of 60 new apps to Timeline. Until now only a selection of apps were integrated with Facebook’s Open Graph — Spotify, Foursquare, Washington Post’s Social Reader. This new set of apps lets users share many more actions with their Facebook friends — like running, cooking, shopping and more — creating a dynamic timeline profile. This announcement includes music apps, MOG, Rdio, iHeartradio and more. See complete list here


    by: Facebook

  • Pandora’s Local Market Clout

    Pandora released audience data today showing that they have grown their audience by 50% or more in top markets across the country in the past year. Releasing data that compares January’s audience stats with “holiday 2011″ stats, Pandora now claims to have a 1.0 rating with Adults 18-34 in top markets across the country. Read More


    by: Jennifer Lane, Audio4cast



  • The Road Ahead: In-Car Media Trends [PRPD Webinar]

    Now Available -- PRPD Webinar "The Road Ahead: In-Car Media Trends with Larry Rosin"

    Find out much more in this PRPD Webinar for Members as Larry Rosin of Edison Research, which conducted the study with Arbitron and Scarborough, explains the findings of "The Road Ahead," which looks at consumer usage of 16 in-car media and entertainment choices. Download Here


    By: PRPD & Larry Rosin, Edison Research



  • Facebook Unveils Real-Time Social Listening

    Facebook will now help people listen to the same music at the same time. When hovering over the musical notes in the real-time activity feed next to your friends’ names as they listen to a Facebook-connected service will reveal a “Listen With [your friend here]” button. The rollout will continue over several weeks to Facebook users all over the world, starting with Spotify and then other services. Read More


    By: Eliot Van Buskirk, Evolver.FM


  • Spotify Just Grabbed Control of the Streaming Music Game

    The Spotify Platform gives third party developers the opportunity to build innovative, engaging music-based apps. Now developers can create “beautiful, responsive apps” that make Spotify their own. Read More


    By: Audio4cast



  • Nielsen Study Shows More Women Than Men Are Streaming In US

    New research from Nielsen Music analyzes online music streaming in the US and Europe.  In the US, which has a multitude of streaming options, more women than men are streaming music online.  Pandora is the leading online music streaming service in the US. Read More


    By: Audio4cast




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