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  • Social-Digital Trends for 2013

    It's that time of year again — time to take a stab at what's going to matter in the year ahead as technology continues to influence how we work and live.  In no particular order, here are six social-digital trends to watch in 2013: Read More


    By: David Armano, Social Media Today

  • 5 Social Media User Types and Tips To Connect With Each One

    Social media users with different personalities and proficiencies will require that little extra optimization to interact. Here are five different social media personality types and ways that you can better interact with them to create a real connection that will make them more open to hearing what you have to say.

    • Type #1 – The Lurker
    • Type #2 – The Newbie
    • Type #3 – The Predictable User
    • Type #4 – The Chronic Over Sharer
    • Type #5 – The Power User
    Read More


    By: Ashley Zeckman, Top Rank



  • Tune Up Your Marketing: Using Spotify

    If you’re marketing online, you’re probably already building a community on Facebook and Twitter. But there are other ways to build an effective and loyal community while raising brand awareness that goes beyond the well-known social sites.

    Social music discovery is the next frontier of social media. And Spotify a popular platform for discovering music and sharing playlists with friends. Learn how the platform can engage your target community and how others businesses are using the service to market themselves. Read More


    By: Cliff Figallo, Social Media Today



  • Tips For Getting Started With Analytics & Website Goal Setting

    So, you’ve taken the important step of setting up a Google Analytics on your company’s website.  Implementing Google Analytics is an essential part of gaining insight for improving the customer experience.

    However, when you log in, you are met with a sea of data covering nearly every conceivable web metric, a lot of them which you’ve never even heard of.  You may be able to find the information you want, but it most likely involves a lot more time and frustration than it needs to.

    Here a the four tips that will help you get the most out of your analytics program by cutting through the clutter, focusing on the metrics that matter, and saving you tons of time! Read More


    By: TopRank



  • Ways to Grow Your Exposure With Instagram

    Instagram was the smartphone photo sharing tool of choice long before its acquisition by Facebook and the release of an Android version. And it’s growing faster than ever. It is a free application for iPhone or Android that lets people take photos, apply filters to change the look of the photos and then share them. Users can share them on Instagram while also choosing to share them to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare. Like most social networks, users can accrue followers who will see their photos. The use of hashtags is encouraged as a method of photo discovery.

    This represents a great opportunity for you to participate in this thriving community. Like all communities, however, you need to do it right to be accepted. Read More


    By: Jim Tobin, Social Media Examiner



  • Earned, Owned, Paid, Shared

    The role of media in helping brands become more relevant online has entered a time where words like "convergence" and "integration" best describe the multiple channels, approach, and skill sets necessary to succeed.

    The days of single device access to the Internet have given way to a range of connected devices including tablets, smartphones, and even cars and kitchen appliances. Ubiquitous connectivity plus the ease of publishing and interaction by both organizations and individuals can mean huge opportunity or apocalypse, depending on your perspective.

    Taking advantage of a more integrated media mix starts with a clear understanding of what these media labels mean along with a few examples.

    • Earned Media
    • Owned Media
    • Paid Media
    • Shared Media

    Read More


    By: Lee Odden




  • What You Need to Know About Analytics

    From the 2012 SES in San Francisco, here are 7 things that you need to know about analytics:

    • Data is Not Information
    • Dashboards Are Often Misleading
    • Site Traffic Alone is Not Enough
    • Know Your Objective
    • Segment Your Customers
    • Filtering and Grouping
    • Get Closer to Your Customers

    Learn More


    By: Ashley Zeckman, Top Rank




  • Keyword Modeling - Engage Your Audience

    Keywords are the core of your search engine marketing strategy. Most of us know the basics when it comes to brainstorming, generating and finalizing a list, but how can you get beyond the basics and focus on advanced keyword analytics.


    When we type in a specific inquiry we expect to find what we are looking for, but often paid search results fail us. In order to capture the user who may be disappointed by search results, you can better use keywords leveraging advanced keyword modeling. Learn More



    By: A Hall, Top Rank


  • Utilize The Power Of Colors To Achieve Maximum Web Success

    Colors have a very powerful and multi-level impact on us. They can function in very practical ways and help us to make sense of things, such as find our way on a website. At the same time, they trigger our emotions and influence the way we think and feel. Colors are a powerful tool in Web design — if you know how to use them.

    Here is an introduction to different semantic levels of color, explain when you should make use of them, and give some best practices of how to use colors most effectively on the Web. Read More

    Also check out:


    By: Website Magazine



  • Tips for Running Social Media Promotions

    Have you thought of using social media contests and sweepstakes to build and engage your audience? If you’re looking to gain even more traction with social promotions, here are eight additional tips to enhance your next social media campaign. Read More


    By: Ben Pickering, Social Media Examiner




  • Twitter Do's and Don't's

    Tweeting too much on the wrong days, not using hashtags enough,and almost never do the one thing that will dramatically boost your retweets -  ask them -  all this and more according to a new study looking at how marketers use Twitter from Buddy Media. Read More

    Other findings in the report:

    • Tweets with hashtags get twice the engagement of those without, yet only 24% of tweets during the time of the study used them.
    • Using one or even two hashtags in a tweet is fine, but if you add a third, you’ll begin to see an average 17% dropoff in engagement.
    • Posts with images have double the engagement of those without even though users can’t see them until they click on them.
    • If you ask followers to “RT,” you’ll get a 12X higher retweet rate than if you don’t. But if you spell out the word “retweet,” that figure jumps to 23X.

    By: Todd Wasserman, Mashable




  • How To Create Your First Facebook Ad Campaign: Step-By-Step

    The following provides a few tips on how to get your Facebook ads rolling, how to reach the right people, and how to measure your results.

    Before diving into what factors to consider and what metrics to follow, it’s important that you understand the key elements that make for an effective Facebook ad. Read More


    By: Dan Brady, Social Media Today



  • The Three C's of Facebook

    No online marketing strategy is complete without Facebook. The world's largest social network can give your campaigns enormous reach, especially when you integrate it with your other marketing tools. Effective Facebook marketing comes down to three key points: Customer Service, Content and Connections. 

    • Customer Service

    Having a Facebook page where customers can post reviews, comments and even complaints is essential to building a rapport. Over time, that rapport will turn into brand loyalty. It also inspires word of mouth, as customers/fans encourage their friends to "like" your page. Try to monitor your page for a few minutes a day and respond to listener comments within 24 hours or less. You can also sign up to receive an email alert whenever someone posts to your page. 

    • Content

    Your Facebook page is a face for your station. Keep it fresh. Share news, offer promotions, link to outside content and thank listeners for their feedback. They're all great ways to keep customers engaged. Think for a second about how you use Facebook to check out your friends' news and click through their photo galleries. Listeners want to check out your station the same way. Facebook is an ideal platform to share photos and for listeners to post their own photos.

    It's not just about engagement. There are several apps available that let you add "buy now" buttons to photos, taking listeners straight to your website. Other apps let you create customized coupons for your fans, and host customer sweepstakes on your Facebook page. Whether you use apps or not, aim for one update, post or promotion per day. 

    • Connections

    Social media is a vital publicity tool, which makes it an integral part of effective marketing. Getting "likes" and fans is how companies build connections on Facebook. Got a special event happening? Send a message to your fans. Need feedback on a new product? Create a quick survey using a Facebook survey app. The more you connect with your current fans, the more likely their friends are to see your page and become fans (and customers) themselves.

    Remember that growing a fanbase on Facebook isn't a popularity contest. It's about building loyalty for the long-term, one interaction at a time. 

  • 8 Ways to Track YouTube Video Performance

    YouTube’s video statistics and analytics tools help you measure results of your videos. Why measure your YouTube marketing efforts using these tools?  These tools give you the analytical know-how to help create improved branded content to more effectively get your videos:

    • Discovered in organic search in both Google and YouTube results
    • Watched by the largest and most relevant audience possible
    • Shared across social networks, email and embedded on other websites

    Read More


    By: Brian Honigman, Social Media Examiner



  • A More Social Email...Why is content so important?

    Email marketing has long been the staple of digital marketers. It is a marketing channel that, despite the stigma placed on it by spamming, phishing and other undesirable marketing tactics, remains a tried-and-tested component of the marketing mix. Social media, on the other hand, is an emerging market channel whose potentials are yet to be assessed and realized. Up until now, most digital marketers treat these two areas as distinct and separate from each other.

    Ultimately, the most important component to bring social media and email seamlessly together is content. Here’s a simple, six-step process you can use to build a marketing mechanism that fuses social media with email. Read More


    By: Edwin Huertas, Social Media Today



  • Tips for Creating an Email Welcome Series

    Your first interactions with new supporters can set the tone and expectations for the entire relationship. Learn how to give your new supporters a proper welcome, inspire larger and more frequent gifts, and build stronger, longer supporter relationships. Download TipSheet

    In this tip sheet:

    •     Starting the dialogue
    •     Timing your messages for the best results
    •     Measuring success

    By: Convio

  • Facebook Promoted Posts: A Step-By-Step Guide

    Facebook has started rolling out Promoted Posts for Brand Pages, a new feature that allows businesses to pay for posts to be more predominantly displayed on news feeds. Walk through the process of creating a Promoted Post and the insights that assess their efficacy,  and check out step-by-step guide. Read More


    By: Lauren Drell, Mashable



  • To Auto-Post or Not To Auto-Post? The Answer is somewhere in the middle.

    Are you setting your social media marketing on cruise control by auto-posting with third-party APIs?  Take the time now to step back and rethink that strategy. Discover why relying too heavily on auto-posting software is never a good idea. Read More


    By: Shona Mackin, Social Media Today





  • 5 Steps to Hosting Successful Twitter Chats

    Hosting a Twitter chat is an great way to interact with your fans and followers, to better understand and grow your community quickly, as well as promote your station. Here’sthe all-in-one guide to prepare for and host your Twitter chat. Read More


    By: Ann Smarty, Social Media Examiner


  • How to Use Facebook Apps to Improve Fan Engagement

    Now that the new Timeline layout is mandatory for all Facebook page owners, we’re all beginning to find our way around the new layout. Timeline presents brand-new challenges (and opportunities!) for staying top-of-mind. Since page admins can no longer designate a default landing tab (also referred to as the “default welcome tab”), you can get more creative and use custom apps to direct Facebook page visitors to take action. Read More


    By: Amy Porterfield, Social Media Examiner


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